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Have you ever wished that you could look inside a component or assembly without cutting it open or taking it apart? That's exactly what the RAL can do for you with our advanced NDE/NDT capabilities. We offer a complete selection of NDE/NDT techniques, but more importantly, our trained staff of experienced NDE/NDT specialists will work with you to meet your actual needs.

Each specific NDE/NDT problem presents its own challenges and opportunities. Sometimes simple visual inspection is sufficient. At other times, ultrasonic or radiographic techniques must be employed. Perhaps the use of a penetrant or eddy current probe is required. Frankly, there are many instances where reliable detection of the feature of interest is beyond the present state of NDE/NDT capabilities.
For this reason it is vitally important that you have an experienced NDE/NDT specialist to guide you through the options.

Anybody with an X-Ray system can capture images of your parts. At the RAL we work with you to develop a practical approach to non-destructively detect the features that concern you, or determine that there are no practical non-destructive techniques.

Once an appropriate technique and procedure have been defined, the RAL evaluates your material, and provides results to you in variety of formats, tailored to meet your requirements.

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