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It has been said: "Knowledge is Power". The knowledge we obtain from analyzing your failures will provide you with the power to fix your problems.

The staff at the RAL can ferret out the root causes of your component failures, system-level anomalies, and material deficiencies. We can then work with you, your customers, or your supply-chain affiliates to identify the appropriate corrective actions. Our responses can be tailored to fit your needs, from real-time data-sharing with engineers on your production floor, to multi-page color reports and presentation materials for delivery to your customer.

Most managers request failure analysis only when there is a crisis in production, or worse yet, at your customer's site. At the RAL we are accustomed to working under these conditions.

Our quick, accurate response will help you to make a timely decision when the heat is on. However, failure analysis is a more efficient tool when it is used early in the design/test/build/ship process. Detailed analysis of failures that occur during prototype testing can yield knowledge that prevents future costly yield and reliability problems.

During our failure analyses, "physics-of-failure" methods are employed. This approach identifies the underlying physical causes, thereby permitting predictions to be made on how the failure mode will be affected by specific changes. For instance, a part may have failed due to a combination of heat and applied voltage. To correct the problem, you can find a new part, or reduce the operating voltage, or provide additional cooling. You can't make a rational decision concerning how to proceed unless you understand exactly how the failure mode is affected by changes in the use environment.

We can analyze a wide range of materials, components, assemblies, and systems. For more information please see our areas of expertise, and specific analytical capabilities.

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